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RoboSep™-S Specifications

RoboSep™-S is the next-generation RoboSep™ instrument for fully automated cell separation. Using EasySep™ technology, RoboSep™-S performs all steps necessary to magnetically label and separate virtually any cell type by positive or negative selection. RoboSep™-S is designed to minimize sample handling, eliminate cross-contamination, and reduce “hands-on” time.


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How RosetteSep™ Works

Simply incubate your sample with the appropriate RosetteSep™ antibody cocktail for 20 minutes at room temperature, and then perform a standard density gradient centrifugation (e.g. Ficoll™). The Tetrameric Antibody Complexes (TAC) in the RosetteSep™ cocktail crosslink unwanted cells to red blood cells in the sample to form immunorosettes. These immunorosettes pellet during density gradient centrifugation, leaving untouched, highly purified cells at the interface between the plasma and the density gradient medium. RosetteSep™ is a unique immunodensity cell isolation platform that isolates highly purified cells during density gradient centrifugation. With RosetteSep™, isolating untouched cells from human whole blood or buffy coat samples is fast, easy, and uses no columns or magnets.

Advantages of RosetteSep™

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Ready Sep Go with RosetteSep

Fast and Easy Cell Separation Directly From Whole Blood

Ready Sep Go with RoboSep™

Fully Automated, Walk-Away Cell Seperation


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